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Mumbai Bone & Soft Tissue Tumor Clinic


Centre for Limb & Joint Preserving Surgery

What is Mumbai Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Clinic?

Mumbai Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Clinic is an exclusive service for a diverse but unique group of patients, who need speciality care and advice. This includes patients with bone tumors, soft tissue tumors, malignant skin tumors and those with bone metastases.Most of these patients have limited access to information and care regarding their disease. It is an established fact that bone and soft tissue tumors require speciality care. Bone and soft tissue tumors should be treated by a specialist team with experience in the management of these tumors. Mumbai Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Clinic brings together the best in the field of Radiology, Pathology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, etc. to provide a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic cover for the management of these conditions. This clinic is committed to this entire group of patients who needa dedicated speciality service to seek advice and treatment.

What is ‘www.bonetumoclinic.in’?

This website is dedicated to providing all the essential information that any patient with Bone Tumor, Soft Tissue Tumor, or Skeletal Metastasis, must know about their disease.It is a frustrating experience for any patient/patient’s family, to gather all the relevant information about their condition. The Internet is a terrific and easily accessible resource of information. However, it is a bewildering experience to sift through all the available information and gather exactly what you want. Often the information is brief and very general; while at times it is extensive and full of technical terms, causing confusion. Moreover, it is almost impossible to find everything that you need to know in a single location, and when you gather information from different sites, you may find some conflicts, which although may not be of any actual consequence, would still leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. This is the same experience we had while looking for informative websites on these problems. As specialists dealing with these problems regularly, we found no single website that gives all the useful information that such a patientwould need to know. It is to address this specific issue; we decided to provide a one-stop information resource for patients with these problems. ‘www.bonetumoclinic.in’ is the outcome of this effort.

Please read the pages under ‘Patient Information’. There are four pages here, one each on Malignant Bone Tumors, Benign Bone Tumors, Soft Tissue Tumors and Bone Metastasis. They have been designed in a question and answer format to make it easy for you to look for specific answers that you may be searching for. However, each page is packed with a lot of information. It is our recommendation that you take time to read the entire page. The sequence of questions has been maintained in a logical order; almost the same as followed in the management of a patient with such a problem. Most of the scientific terminologies used in the pages have been explained within the page. These terminologies have been used to make the information scientifically accurate and relevant. It also helps you to become familiar with some of the common medical terms relevant to your particular condition, as it makes your interaction with your doctor more rewarding. It is often a bewildering experience for a patient/patient’s family when they visit the doctor, where they are faced with a number of unfamiliar words like lesion, tumor, malignant, benign, biopsy, grade, staging, metastasis, radiotherapy, MRI, PET scan, etc., etc. We trust that the information provided here would help you know your problem better and equip you to understand the entire process of your diagnosis and treatment. It is our sincere belief that,well informed patientsare always the best patients for any doctor to deal with, and that they make the best use of the doctor’s time.

If you find the information useful and relevant, do pass on the benefit of this knowledge to your family and friends.